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Please Note : We do not keep any studs of our own but have been lucky to use the stud services from accredited catteries as follows:

Supreme Grand Champion Riviera Elvis

We would like to thank Emma Dalwood for allowing us to use their beautiful boy Elvis, he is a superb example of a brown spotted Bengal with his outstanding rosetting and gentle temperament.

Elvis achieved championship status at a young age & photographs of the stunning kittens he has sired are available on request.

Elvis Bengal Stud

Elvis Stud Bengal

Elvis Stud Bengal

Elvis Stud Bengal

Elvis Stud Bengal


Glitterglam Olympic Flame

Not only does Flame have a lovely gentle temperament but he has extremely good boning and conformation, coat contrast, wild head type, correct ear shape, wide nose and excellent profile. Flame also carries the snow gene and his pedigree is studded with Champions. With thanks to Jill & Geoffrey Fyfe of Glitterglam Bengals.

Glitterglam Olympic Flame Bengal Stud

Glitterglam Hearthrob

Champion sired Hearthrob by Glitterglam Michaelangelo, this beautiful boy has been screened and is HCM negative. He is a huge boy with extreme coat contrast and correct conformation, with a gentle temperament. With thanks to Jill & Geoffrey Fyfe of Glitterglam Bengals.

Elvis Bengal Stud



GCCF Imperial Grand Champion

Typhast Greatballsofire (1 Olympian)

Brown (Black) Spotted Bengal (76 30) (GCCF & TICA registered)

We would like to extend a big thank-you to Barrie & Rosie Alger- Street for allowing us to use GB as the stud for Mya’s second litter.

'GB' (as he is known to his friends) carries the marble gene. He is a very large boy even by Bengal standards and he has (as his name implies) very large sorrel rosettes with darker outlines. He is a very affectionate, outgoing, lad of lovely type and has sired some beautiful kittens.

Under the GCCF system, you can only 'make up' one cat at a time, so 'GB' was not shown as a youngster. At over three years old, he sailed through, winning his three championship certificates consecutively, plus Best of Breed on each occasion, culminating in Best of Variety Foreign Adult at the Kentish. He then went on to do the same in the Imperial and Grand classes. At the 2011 Ocicat & Bengal Show he won the Olympian, Best of Breed, first in all his classes and went on to win Overall Best Exhibit in Show. He is one hell of a cat!
(Sire: Gogees Casanova - Dam: Azanabengals J'LO of Typhast)

GB's Own Page

GB Stud Bengal 1

GB Stud Bengal 2

Double Grand Champion Silverglitz Silver Shadow

A big thankyou to Jill Fyfe of Glitterglam Bengals for allowing us to use Shadow to sire Harlis first litter, I'm sure they will be stunning. Watch the news page for expected dates for kittens.

Silver Shadow Stud Bengal

Parents : Hallmark Diamond of Silverglitz x Obobtors star of Silverglitz


Look at those stunning rosettes!! He is a huge well set boy & has the sweetest temperament, he was shown twice and look at his results!